Online class: responses to readings for November 5

This post is a place for you to respond to any or all of the readings assigned for Wednesday November 5. These are short excerpts of some widely read articles in academic queer studies. All of them are quite a lot sexier and more political than most academic writing! Here are some brief outlines/advertisements:

1. Lauren Berlant and Michael Warner, Sex in Public. The article that first used the term “heteronormativity.” Features discussion of sex toys and a scene of “erotic vomiting.”

2. Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, “Queer and Now.” An article about being a queer scholar that reliably has the capacity to make your professor cry.

3. Cathy Cohen, “Punks, Bulldaggers, and Welfare Queens.” Why “queer” and “gay” are sometimes in opposition, especially when we take race into account.

4. E. Patrick Johnson, “Quare” Studies, or (Almost) Everything I know about Queer Studies I learned from my Grandmother.” The title should be intriguing on its own!

By 9am on Wednesday November 5, reply to TWO of the comments below: one about something you found difficult to understand or confusing, and one about something you found engaging or exciting.

1 point per comment, counted in your class participation score (not as a blog comment, since this is an online replacement for class).