Institutionalization and normalization

To normalize LGBT people means to say that they are just like everyone else. This influences the idea that LGBT people are not different and want to be included into the heteronormative society that marginalizes them. Inclusion should not be desired by the LGBT community. In class we talked a lot about why inclusion isn’t ideal.  Inclusion gives the idea that someone has the option to include or not include someone. Do you, because your cisgendered or heterosexual, have the right to choose? Why should they have a right to choose? Another point made in class is the idea of being tolerated. The word tolerance has a bad connotation that Walters writes about in Escape from the Tolerance Trap. For example, she writes, “The late Middle English origins of the word indicate the ability to bear pain and hardship.” By saying you tolerate something expresses that there is something wrong with it. Why would the queer community want to be tolerated? When an institution, such as schools, promotes tolerance on posters or another medium it suggests distaste towards the queer community. This is why many LGBT people want to challenge the idea of institutionalization. Being incorporated into an already existing institution seems logical, right? Well when that institution is built on ideas of hetero cissexual people, you are simply being included into a system that does not support and even marginalizes you. Rather the goal should be to break down the morals and values of the current institution and make a brand new one of your own. I definitely think this is possible with education of gender, sex, and identity beginning at a young age. With such education, the new generation of innovative thinkers can create a system built on the values of equality. With this new institution, no one will have to be included, accepted, or tolerated because everyone will have been from the very beginning.


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