Raven symone does’t want to be labeled (second post for any unit)

First off, I love Raven for her show during my childhood and for this interview. Her tweet saying, “I can finally get married! Yay government! So proud of you” was so over analyzed it amasses me. First off, why is someone’s orientation (someone who hasn’t even been on TV recently for that matter) such big ‘news’? She came out with multiple statements saying her orientation is her own and yet people still probed into her personal life trying to label her sexuality as ‘lesbian’. A CNN article published august 5th 2013 responded within three days of her tweeting about marriage laws being passed in Minnesota and Rhode Island. And even in that article she is labeled a lesbian and gay even though her tweet says nothing about herself, she had asked multiple times for people to stay out of her business, and she has come out saying she does not want to be labeled. This interview with Operah came out October 5 2014, about a year after the so famous tweet. Operah asks about her orientation and when Raven replies with her ‘I don’t want to be labeled’. It just amazes me that she got so much coverage simply for being proud of same sex marriage laws being passed. I’m not trying to say that celebrities coming out to the public isn’t amazing. It’s great that more widely know people are able to come out and represent the LGBTQ++ community. I just really like that Raven’s choosing to ‘be out’ and not label herself. I feel like she (maybe accidentally) is representing a different part of the LGBTQ++ community, those you don’t want labels and those who prefer to stay ambiguous.

(The CNN article is http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/02/showbiz/raven-symone-comes-out/ in case you we’re interested interested)

2 thoughts on “Raven symone does’t want to be labeled (second post for any unit)”

  1. I agree…the attention and media swarm that occurs when famous people come out is not needed and abused in many aspects. People easily redefine their mental portrait of celebrities if they come out, and this is sometimes used and abused to promote sales or increase relevancy of said celebrity/artist/etc. Personally, I’m waiting for the day that I see the headline “Celebrity shockingly comes out as heterosexual!!!”

  2. Honestly, people need to learn to stay out of other’s personal business. If she wants to share information about her sexuality, that’s up to her, but there’s really no need to be probing her like this. I’m glad she hasn’t caved in to the media demand and remained against labeling herself. Things aren’t always as clear-cut or obvious as “gay” or “straight”.

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