Assignments and tasks

Your grade for the course will be calculated from a total of 300 points, awarded as follows:

Ongoing engagement (one third of your grade):
In-class exercises: 50
Online participation: 50

Formal assignments (two thirds of your grade):
Gender/sexuality narrative (due October 3): 50
LGBTQ movement research (due November 7): 50
Activism/outreach letter (due December 12): 50
Queer worlds group presentation (in-class final December 17): 50

Points needed for grades:
270-300=A (290-300 A+; 270-280 A-) | 240-270=B (260-270 B+; 240-250 B-) | 210-240=C (230-240 C+; 210-220 C-) | 180-210=D (200-210 D+; 180-190 D-) | 0-210=F

Rounding of final grades is at the instructor’s discretion.

Please see the Assessment and Expectations page for a general grading rubric; requirements and expectations for each assignment can be found on their individual pages.


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