In-class exercises

This class is about sharing ideas and reading collaboratively, not just listening to lecture and remembering facts. Student participation is necessary to keep the course going – and being part of a conversation in class is a lot less boring than listening to your professor hopelessly trying to fill up the silence. And no one can participate fully if they do not come to class prepared. Rather than judge participation on my impression of who has spoken in class, which makes it difficult to treat more and less outgoing individuals equally, I will grade your participation based on frequent, short written exercises that I design to encourage everyone’s participation and to elicit your thoughts on what you have been reading – including anything you’re finding difficult or confusing.

Some in-class exercises will take the form of quizzes or short writing assignments; some will require you to create something as a group and share it with the class. All will assume that you have done the reading and will be difficult to complete if you have not. In-class exercises will not usually be announced in advance, and there will be no makeups except as explained in the Attendance section of the Assessment and Expectations page.

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