Online participation

Each week, an online writing prompt is listed in the schedule along with the week’s readings, inviting you to articulate your understanding of the issues at stake. You must respond to four of these prompts over the course of the semester. Click on the link at the schedule to begin your post (you must be logged in). Your post should be 300-500 words in length.

You can decide whether to share your response with the class, to post publicly to the web for anyone to see, or to post privately so that only I can see it.

It is your responsibility to make sure you submit four responses over the course of the semester; you can look ahead to the topics of future readings to help plan what you are going to do. No late submissions will be accepted and you must submit at least one reflection in Unit 1, one in Unit 2, and one in Unit 3.

In addition to your four responses, you must also comment on four responses that your classmates have made available – I want to see that you are engaging not only the texts but also the diverse opinions and experiences of students in the class. Comments should be a minimum of 100 words and should include some substantive discussion, not simply a statement of agreement.

Bear in mind that you will be writing longer assignments at the end of each unit! If you do your online responses early and read what everyone else is posting, these may give you ideas to incorporate into your final assignments.

Online responses will be graded through ELMS no more than one week after they are posted. I will grade your responses as follows:

9-10 points: Thoughtful, original response to the prompt; nuanced exploration of the week’s ideas.

8 points: Solid response to the prompt; good understanding of the week’s ideas.

7 points: Slightly off-topic or incomplete response to the prompt; limited understanding of the week’s ideas.

6 points: Very off-topic or incomplete response to the prompt; poor understanding of the week’s ideas.

5 or fewer points: Drastically misunderstands the week’s ideas; late; fails to fulfill length requirements.

Comments that are of the appropriate length and engage directly and substantively with the post to which they are responding will receive the full points.

Extra credit option: If you are worried about your grade in the course, you may write up to two additional online responses, which will be graded at up to 5 points each.

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