Same sex marriage

Before taking this class, I definitely thought gay marriage was a great movement for the LGBT community. I thought that everybody would be in full fledge support for it. After this week’s readings and discussion, my views have completely changed. I still am pro-gay marriage because I feel like if anyone in the LGBT community wants to get married and reap the benefits of that union, they should be able to. If These Walls Could Talk 2 really solidified this idea. It was devastating that the woman could not keep her house where she had lived with her significant other. That being said, I wouldn’t say that I don’t agree with the push for gay marriage, but rather the lack of focus on other aspects of the LGBT community that I believe are more important.

My opinion on the song “Same Love” by Macklemore has definitely changed also. Before I read the article by Karen Tongson, I thought this song was progressive and impressive. I was blind to the problems within the song that Karen talks about.  One of the major problems with this song is the fact that a very privileged white straight male is singing about something he sounds like he doesn’t actually truly understand. As Tongson writes, “Though I don’t question the earnestness of Macklemore’s and Lewis’ intentions to help out queers like you, me, Frank Ocean, and Macklemore’s uncle, the rhetoric of “sameness” and the white male hetero privilege that affords such statements of equivalency feel totally patronizing.” Now that I think more about it, I definitely would understand why the LGBT community would feel patronized by such a wealthy white straight male singing “for” them.  He isn’t a part of the community; therefore his sing is presumably invalid. Macklemore is also making millions off of writing a song about supporting gay marriage making his song even less genuine.

Overall, the LGBT community and media should focus on more core issues such as education, medical discrimination, or prison systems. It would also be nice to see more famous people from the LGBT community speak up.

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