Same Sex Marriage

I, like many others it seems, previously thought that the right for queer marriage was the main issue in the fight for queer equality. I think this was because passing marriage equality laws was do-able and a tangible win for the LGBTQ++ community. But as we learned in class, equality is a much bigger issue and often laws don’t necessarily mean people following them or getting treated fairly. As discussed in class, marriage is not the only issue. Not everyone wants to get married and even with the supposed advantages of marriage, queer marriages are not always treated equal as a heterosexual marriage. In class, we talked about so many other more pressing issues than marriage. I still think that marriage equality is a goal, but there are definitely other issues to fight. Not having the same rights to marry is definitely a barrier in equality; marriage comes as a public recognition and acceptance. I personally think the idea of marriage is pretty controlling and scary, but everyone should have the same right to make mistakes.

One thought on “Same Sex Marriage”

  1. I agree with you that marriage is not the only problem and that’s what I wrote about in my post. Not everyone wants to get married. Even so, it should be legalized, it just shouldn’t be the main focus of everyone when it comes to advocating for rights for the LGBT community. Other issues such as health care and who gets access to loved ones in the hospital is one of the problems that should be advocating for equally. The media and society make it too easy to fall victim to the idea that same-sex marriage will solve all the problems within the LGBT community.

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