Unit 1: Born this way?

Please complete readings before the class date on which they are listed.
Readings may be changed, so please check back regularly!

Week 1. Introductions

Wed 9/3:
What is LGBTQ Studies?
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Week 2: Gender, sex, and identity

Mon 9/8:
Anne Fausto-Sterling, Sex/Gender chapters 1-5 and 7-10
Recommended: Joan Roughgarden, from Evolution’s Rainbow
Recommended: Emily Martin, “The Egg and the Sperm”

Wed 9/10:
Ann Fausto-Sterling, Sex/Gender chapter 6
Hanne Blank, “The Love That Could Not Speak Its Name” (ELMS)
Recommended: Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, “How To Bring Your Kids Up Gay” (ELMS)

Online writing task 1 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Friday 9/12.
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Find an online source (news piece, blog, or video) that simplifies an individual or group’s complex gender or sexual identity. Why does the author make this argument? How do our class readings help you to develop a different interpretation? Make sure to include a link.

Week 3: Gay identities and homophobia

Mon 9/15:
Suzanne Pharr, Homophobia as a Weapon of Sexism(ELMS)
C.J. Pascoe, “Dude, You’re a Fag: Adolescent Male Homophobia” (ELMS)
Dorothy Allison, “Talking to Straight People” (ELMS)
Rod McCullum et al, “Coming Out in the Locker Room” (ELMS)
Chaz Barracks, “Mother to Son” (ELMS)

Wed 9/17:
Watch: The Laramie Project (2002) (Available on DVD at Hornbake Library or on Amazon Prime and other streaming services)
Thomas Glave, “Re-Membering Steen Fenrich: Not a Candidate for Matthew Shephardhood” (ELMS)
Aaron Hicklin, “Have We Got Matthew Shephard All Wrong?” (online)

Online writing task 2 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Friday 9/19. Click here while logged in to write a post.
Describe an encounter with homophobia, whether from your own life or from the life of somebody you know. Change names for anonymity if you like. What happened? Was it easy or difficult to identify this as homophobia? What other contexts were in play at the same time? How did the location in space or time (recently? A long time ago? In the US or abroad? Urban or rural?) affect what happened?

Week 4: Transgender identities and histories

Mon 9/22:
Susan Stryker, Transgender History chapters 1 and 2
Leslie Feinberg, “We are All Works in Progress” (ELMS)
Janet Mock, Redefining Realness pp1-11, 245-258 (ELMS)

Wed 9/24:
Dean Spade, “Mutilating Gender” (online)
Julia Serano, “Dismantling Cissexual Privilege” (ELMS)
Kai M. Green, “Navigating Masculinity as a Black Transman” (online)
Recommended: Juliet Jacques, “A Transgender Journey” (online)
Recommended: Monica Hesse, “When No Gender Fits” (online)

Online writing task 3 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Friday 9/26
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Can you see evidence on the UMD campus of any signs of transgender activism?  Alternatively or in addition to this, how are trans people excluded and how can we do something about this? Take a picture of something in your immediate environment, post it to the blog, and write about how it perpetuates and/or challenges cisgender/cissexual privilege.

Week 5: Bisexual and asexual identities

Monday 9/29:
Shiri Eisner, “What is Bisexuality?” from Bi: Notes for a Bisexual Revolution (ELMS)
Julia Serano, “Bisexuality and Binaries, Revisited” (ELMS)
Joshunda Sanders, “The Questioning Continuum” (online)

Wednesday 10/1:
s.e. smith, “I’m asexual (and it’s awesome)” (online)
Julie Sonders Decker, The Invisible Orientation: An Introduction to Asexuality. Read Amazon Kindle preview (this book came out in September 2014 and I couldn’t get it in time to scan!)
CJ DeLuzio Chasin, “Reconsidering Asexuality” (ELMS)

Online writing task 4 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Friday 10/3
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(I recommend submitting early since your paper is due on the same day).
Reflect and reinterpret. How have this week’s readings challenged your prior understanding of gender and sexuality categories? Do any of our prior readings and discussions look different in the light of bisexual and/or asexual perspectives? (Answer one or both questions in your post.)

 Formal writing task for unit 1: Gender/Sexuality Narrative Due Friday 10/3


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