Unit 3: Who are you calling normal?

Please complete readings before the class date on which they are listed.
Readings may be changed, so please check back regularly!

Week 11: Inclusion and its discontents

Mon 11/10:
Suzanna Walters, from The Tolerance Trap (ELMS)
Ryan Conrad, Karma Chavez, Yasmin Nair, and Deena Loeffler “Against Equality: Queer Revolution, Not Mere Inclusion” (Against Equality 1-14)
NPR recording: “After Rutgers Suicide, Columnist Promises “It Gets Better” (online)
Jack Halberstam, “It Gets Worse” (online)
Eng-Beng Lim, “No Kid Play” (online)

Wed 11/12:
Attend Genny Beemyn lecture “Beyond the Binary: The Lives of Trans People Today” in place of class (sign-in sheet will be there).
4.00pm, Maryland Room, 0100 Marie Mount Hall.

Online writing task 10 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Friday 11/14. Click here while logged in to write a post.
What’s wrong with LGBT people becoming normalized? In words you might use to explain to a roommate who hasn’t taken this class, explain why we might want to challenge the institutionalization of queerness. You don’t have to agree with this argument to explain it!
Write a post about the Beemyn lecture, connecting it to the themes from our class. Did Beemyn’s points fit well with our discussions? Did they bring in something we haven’t thought about yet, or contradict material from the readings (not all LGBT scholars agree on everything…)? Bring in at least one of our class readings (ideally from this week, but it can be from any point in the semester).

Week 12: Beyond a US/Euro-Centric LGBT Politics

Mon 11/17:
Watch online: Paper Dolls
Bill Andriette, “Pictures at an Execution” (Against Equality 145-157)

Wed 11/19:
Keguro Macharia, “Homophobia in Africa Is Not a Single Story” (online)
Sokari Ekine, “Contesting Narratives of Queer Africa” (ELMS)
Sibongile Ndashe, “The Single Story of ‘African Homophobia’ is Dangerous for LGBTI Activism” (ELMS)
Sign up for final presentation groups by today!

Online writing task 11 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Friday 11/21. Click here while logged in to write a post.
Find an example of LGBT representation from outside the US and Western Europe – a film, book, news article, etc. (Representation of an immigrant/diasporic community inside the US or Europe is okay too.) It can be something we discussed in class or something new. What kinds of queerness do you see here and what are their contexts? In what ways do we see US/European ideas in the ways they are represented? What other ideas are in play?

Week 13: Bodies and Minds that Break the Norm

Mon 11/24:
Eli Clare, “The Mountain” and “Stones in my Pocket, Stones in my Heart” from Exile and Pride (ELMS)
[Includes descriptions of sexual violence]
Merri Lisa Johnson, “Label C/Rip” (online)
Anna Mollow, “Bellyaching” (online)

Wed 11/26:
No class. Happy Thanksgiving!

Online writing task 12 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Wednesday 11/26. Click here while logged in to write a post.
Reinterpret one of our class narratives in the light of this week’s readings: either (1) write about how disability appears in something we read prior to this week, and explore how that might be important; or (2) discuss how one of this week’s readings changes your understanding of an idea we discussed previously.

Week 14: Queer Il/legalities

Mon 12/1:
Dean Spade, “Impossibility Now” (online)
Dean Spade, “Their Laws Will Never Make Us Safer” (Against Equality)
Yasmin Nair, “Why Hate Crime Legislation Is Still Not A Solution” (Against Equality)
Imani Keith, “Lesbians Sentenced for Self-Defense” (Against Equality)
Sebastian Beraud, “First Coffins, Now Prison” (Against Equality)

Wed 12/3
Watch online: as much as you like of Orange is the New Black (2013). Make sure to watch “Lesbian Request Denied” (Season 1 episode 3)
Read: Yasmin Nair, “Laverne Cox and the Cost of Celebrity” (online)
Democracy Now interview with Laverne Cox and CeCe McDonald (online)

Online writing task 13 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Friday 12/5. Click here while logged in to write a post.
Why might prison/law enforcement be an issue of importance to LGBTQ Studies in ways that go beyond seeking the prosecution of people for hate crimes? Find something from the news or media in the past 5 years (examples from the reading are fine) that shows us why, and explain its importance. If you write about Orange is the New Black, focus on a moment from the show that we did NOT discuss in class.

Week 15: Marriage revisited

Mon 12/8:
Karen Tongson, “Same Love,” Same Old Shit?” (online)
Dean Spade, “I still think marriage is the wrong goal.” (Against Equality)
Kenyon Farrow, “Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black?” (Against Equality)
Recommended: the rest of the “Queer Critiques of Gay Marriage” section of Against Equality

Wed 12/10:
Yasmin Nair, “What’s Left of Queer? Immigration, Sexuality and Affect in a Neoliberal World” (online)

Online writing task 14 (complete 4 over the semester, at least 1 per unit)
Due Friday 12/12. Click here while logged in to write a post.
(I recommend submitting early since your paper is due the same day.)
Gay marriage is the most widely reported LGBT issue in the news. For many of you, I’m sure it was the main thing you focused on when you thought about LGBT issues before this class. How, if at all, have our semester’s readings shifted your perspective on same-sex marriage legislation?

Formal writing task for unit 3: Activist/Outreach Letter Due Friday 12/12

Final Session: Presentation of Group Queer Worlds Project
Wednesday December 17, 1.30-3.30pm


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